PROIECTE  eTwinning
  • Small fashion designers
  • Another world…it is possible
  • Birak, kendim yapayim.
  • Bridges for social inclusion (Certificat Național de Calitate Ene Ana-Maria / Certificat Național de Calitate Dragne Vasilica Raluca)
  • Children learn about the Europe
  • Christmas cooking in kindergarten
  • Escape from technological addiction by traditional child games
  • From drawing to programming 2
  • Fun and games math 3
  • Geçmişten geleceğe ebru sanatı- “Art of marbling”
  • Hands on ICT
  • Healthy and delicious food
  • I can achieve on my own-kendi başima başarabilirim
  • I meet famous painters
  • Let’s say HELLO!
  • Oyunla kodlama yapıyor çok eğleniyoruz & we have a lot of fun doing coding with the game
  • Postcard exchange. Let’s celebrate european day of languages 2018!
  • Problems in refugee education
  • Stem for kids
  • The big surprise! European day of languages 2018!
  • Yazamasam da hayal gücümle yazar olabilirim.
  • Micii creatori de modă/ Small fashion designers
  • Nature – my art (Certificat național de calitate Ene Ana Maria / Certificat național de calitate Vișan Ioana Alexandra)
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